It's important for your tabby cat's health to do regular checks to ensure there are no problems. The sooner a health issue is caught the faster you can treat and heal it.

We highly recommend that every month you do a five point check to make sure your cat is staying fit and healthy.

These are important areas to check:

1. Check his/her weight. Weigh your cat every month if possible. An easy way to do this is to weigh yourself, then pick your cat up and weigh both of you together. Subtract your weight from the combined weight and the difference will be the weight of your cat.

If your cat is getting overweight then find out about weight clinics at your vets. If your cat is eating normal but losing weight consider asking your vets advice in case there is a medical problem.

2. Check their coat which should be silky smooth all over. Look for cuts, sores and flaky skin. A dull, dry harsh coat can be an indication of poor health.

3. Look at their ears, eyes and nose. Healthy eyes should be clean and clear with no redness. Ears should be clean, pink and no bad smells. Dark wax and a bad smell could be mites which would need treating. Your cats nose should be cold and damp with no boogers or snotty bits.

4. A cats gums should be pink and healthy. To check their gums lift the lips and gently but firmly press your finger tip on to the gum. When you remove your finger the gum should return to its nice pink colour. Look for tartar on the teeth and for any sore spots in the mouth.

5. Look for unusual bumps or lumps all over their body. It's a good idea whenever you pet your cat to be conscious of any changes you may feel.  Then check the pads for any cuts or problems and don't forget the claws. If the claws are frayed it could be an indication of your cat having a fall or a bump. Always look under the tail for worms which look like little grains of rice.

If you follow these five steps every month then you will know if there are any problems with your cat so you can act promptly.