Tabby Cat Training

It is widely known that dogs are more loyal than cats, and training a cat expecting it to change  the way it responds to your commands is asking for trouble. They just do not do something to
please you at will. If they are offered some a treat they will respond favorably.

Training a tabby cat to resist from biting and scratching furniture or teaching it to potty outside the house is easier. In fact, that is what you should be happy about. It can get trained for all the right things quite quickly.

Training A Tabby Cat To Respond To Commands

To make it understand about other important commands, the first thing you need to do when training a cat is to ensure it will come to you when you want it to. This is not that difficult  if you use some bait. Food is good to lure the cat.

Bottle openers, can openers, aroma of food, milk can entice the kitten to respond. Start training a cat early so that it understands why you are feeding it so often. They have sharp ears, so making sound when filling a cat bowl will always work.

Ensure the cat is healthy by feeding it good food. Sudden changes in diet or frequent changes in food make cat training difficult. You must remember that initial training will make the cat respond favorably to more complicated duties later like being on its best behavior in public or when you visit a relative or friend.

Keep Tabby Cat Cool

Refer To A Good Book

Cats have been in contact with humans for centuries, but they are still a stubborn animal that can be tamed. Training a cat with the help of the right book is a good approach for first timers.

There are many books out there on different topics, but you should be looking for one either written by a veterinary doctor or breeder. Gather insight on training a cat from day one. It should cover topics on all aspects including potty training, grooming, healthy food, noticing signs of distress, and behavioral training techniques that will help you recognize and solve potential problems quickly.

Getting books is easy. You either get them in hard copies that are delivered to your home or read them online as an eBook. You also have the option of joining membership sites that offer useful information on cats and have experts on their panel to answer queries you may have on training cats.

Repeat Commands That Work

Now that you have gathered relevant information from a book or other sources on training a cat, it is time to implement them effectively. A simple rule of thumb to follow is to repeat commands that work. You could be training the cat with food, voice commands, or a leash.

Whatever works should be repeated till the cat instinctively responds even when experiencing some distress. Lastly, training a cat is not actually required in the true sense. Teach them some basic rules and help them develop good potty habits. The rest will follow. Spend more time with your tabby cat and love and care for it.